Thursday, July 19, 2007

Vix the OEN from Texas says with 5 minutes left to live she would...

1. Call my parents and tell them I love them with all my heart and I did my best to make them proud of me.

1.5 Tell my parents I got not one but two tattoos and it's too late to revoke my college tuition.

2. Sit on my brother and hover a loogie over his face one last time (hopefully he'd let me believe that I'm still stronger than him)

3. Tell my friends thank you for accepting me as I am

4. Write a final blog post, thanking my readers for making me a tiny part of their lives and believing in me even when I didn't

5. Pause to let the all the good memories flood my mind before--

6. Run down the street buck-ass naked screaming like a motherfucker, because goddamnit I want the world to feel it when I disappear.

Vix, Texas

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